Most Haunted

Seattle may not be as old as some would expect from a haunted city. But it has a large number of haunted sites and stories. Here we will lead readers on a journey through Seattle’s neighborhoods and  reveal the city’s public locations, history, and tales of strange  encounters. For those who love to venture off into corners in search of  ghosts and the unknown, this book will set readers forth in the right  direction.

Our Top 10 Haunted Hot Spots

1. The Seattle Underground

2. Butterworth’s

3. Harvard Exit Theatre

4. Cometlodge Cemetery

5.  Merchants Cafe

6.  The Moore Theater

7.  Georgetown Castle

8. Frye Hotel

9. University Heights

10. The Arctic Club

For more information about these locations, please check out Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours or buy the book Spooked in Seattle through Clerisy Press.

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