Photo of it Today

Walking into this tavern, a visitor might almost feel like stepping back in time. With its wooden paneling, mounted antlers and fireplace, Canterbury Tavern looks more like an old medieval tavern than a modern pub. The Canterbury Ale and Eats opened in 1972 in what was once the Capitol Hill Food Shoppe, Swift Cleaners in 1937 and Gaslight Café in 1968 to name some of its history. The building itself is the Fredonia Apartment built

in 1937

Back in 1978, a man was shot in the face during a bar fight. No one knows who started the fight or why, but the tragic event took place near the fireplace, where the man eventually died.

Folks accustomed to the ghost living in the Tavern say that he can be seen in the mirror closest to the fireplace. If you look in the mirror, you will soon see a strange man looking down at the ground in the reflection, but this man is nowhere in the bar. They also say that if you look at him long enough, he will eventually begin to look up at you, only to show you that he has no face.

in 1957

Late one night, a bartender was closing up. He shut down the jukebox as always, and then went on to finish his other closing time duties. Naturally, he was surprised to hear the jukebox switch on all by itself, but the strangest thing was the song it played, “The End” by the Beatles. Others have sworn that they have seen the dark figure of a man wanders through the bar only to vanish in front of their eyes.

Inside near the Jukebox

It was also discovered that in the basement area was found a giant pentagram drawn on the basement floor. Employees working there today feel that this could be why they experience many strange events throughout the building.

After hearing these stories, it’s hard not to believe that the past still haunts this tavern. Could this man whom had been killed here be stocking about looking for his killer? Or are we dealing with something more sinister?

Extended Story from the Spooked in Seattle Book

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